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Women On Target

It hasn't always been easy for women to break into the world of handguns and shooting sports. Whether your interest in handguns is geared towards general knowledge, personal safety, or recreational shooting, this class is for you! This women’s-only class offers the skill, knowledge, and attitude it takes to safely and effectively employ a handgun.

None - this class is specifically designed for the beginning shooter with little or no handgun experience.
Length of class:
4 hours classroom and range time.
An open mind and a great attitude!
Topics covered include:

* Safe handling, storage and transportation of handguns.
* Types of handguns, features of handguns and ammunition.
* Stance, grip and marksmanship.
* Cleaning and maintenance.
* Introduction to moral and legal considerations of handguns.
* Considerations when purchasing a handgun to meet your needs.

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